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BBC News - Business
  1. Energy bills: 'We cut back but our direct debits trebled'

    Many households are seeing their energy bills going up despite the power they use going down.
  2. Christmas savings clubs help spread the festive costs

    How small businesses are using savings clubs to help customers spread the cost of Christmas
  3. BT and unions agree pay rise of up to 16% to stop more strikes

    Most workers will get a wage rise of £1,500 in a deal that is set to halt walkouts at the telecoms giant.
  4. Musk feuds with Apple over Twitter advertising

    Elon Musk says Apple has cut Twitter advertising and has threatened to remove it from the app store.
  5. Plan to make big tech remove harmful content axed

    Minister denies weakening the Online Safety Bill after dropping the "legal but harmful" material measures.