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  1. A California woman is the second case without relevant travel history or exposure to a known patient, officials say. A patient in Oregon is thought to be the third.

    An older adult woman from California might be the second case of community transmission of the novel coronavirus, health officials in Santa Clara County said Friday.
  2. Italian hospitals face an 'overcrowding crisis'

  3. State Department raises travel advisory for Italy amid outbreak

    The US State Department on Friday raised its travel advisory for Italy to the second-highest-level warning, Level 3: Reconsider Travel, due to the novel coronavirus.
  4. Lemon slams Trump administration for reaction to coronavirus

    CNN's Don Lemon breaks down the "lackluster response" from President Trump and White House officials to coronavirus and massive losses in the stock market.
  5. How coronavirus could impact Crocs sales

  6. Doctor says mask won't help against coronavirus. Here's why

    A new case of coronavirus in California "marks a turning point," according to the state's public health director, because the patient has no related travel history and no known exposure to coronavirus. Dr. Alok Patel joins Anderson Cooper to answer your coronavirus questions live. Watch "Full Circle" weeknights at 5 p.m. ET.
  7. Analysis: Trump Jr's unreal comment about Dems and coronavirus

    • John King: This is a new level of fear-mongering • Opinion: Pence is the wrong guy for this job
  8. Lindsey Graham backlash fuels Senate challenge in red South Carolina

    • CNN Poll: Sanders holds big leads in California and Texas ahead of Super Tuesday vote
  9. Why this stock market sell-off is scarier than 2008

    • Stocks fall again as coronavirus fears mount • Tax cuts, tariff relief, travel restrictions: White House hunts for options to contain virus fallout
  10. Two women in Boston were charged after police say they attacked a mother and daughter for speaking Spanish

    A Boston mother and her daughter were speaking Spanish on their way home when authorities say two white women assaulted them because they thought they were making fun of them.