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  1. 'We're all just trying to help each other': How video games are bringing MLB players and fans together

    With the routine of baseball broken by a global pandemic, MLB stars have turned to livestreaming on Twitch, building unique relationships with their fans.
  2. Second-Chance World Series: Who made it to our LCS of best non-champs?

    Will almost all-time great teams like Larry Walker's '94 Expos and George Brett's '77 Royals close in on a title?
  3. Josh Hamilton indicted on felony injury to child

    Former MLB star Josh Hamilton has been indicted on a felony charge of injury to a child after his teenage daughter accused him of beating her.
  4. Yanks legend Gehrig's bat sells for $1 million

    A bat used by Yankees legend Lou Gehrig commanded more than $1 million at a Dallas auction house.
  5. Mets simulation broadcast throws shade at Astros

    The SNY broadcast team of Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling took some shots at the Astros during a video game simulation of a matchup against the Mets.
  6. South Korea targets early May for baseball restart

    With new cases of the coronavirus falling in South Korea, the country's baseball league is targeting an early May restart, with teams ready to play preseason exhibition games as early as April 21.
  7. MLB's Arizona option piques players, managers

    Players and managers are intrigued by Major League Baseball's Arizona option: putting all 30 teams in the Phoenix area and playing in empty ballparks.
  8. Ex-MLB player to begin virus fight upon graduation

    On Friday, under an accelerated schedule prompted by dire circumstances, former big leaguer Mark Hamilton is set to graduate a month early from medical school on Long Island and join the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.
  9. Sale 'feeling good' after necessary TJ surgery

    Red Sox ace Chris Sale said he didn't make the decision to have Tommy John surgery on his left elbow until all other options had been explored.
  10. Hank Aaron passed Babe Ruth -- and he cried

    The Braves' relievers held a lottery for the best spot in the bullpen where the homer might land. When Tom House caught the ball, he ran it to home plate to give to Aaron. He saw something he'd never seen before.