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There is a sort of mystical aura around the idea of the entrepreneur- like everyone should be working 18 hours a day, skipping meals, destroying relationships, pestering friends and family constantly for money and having a constant sense of frustration that the wider public just doesn’t see what you have to offer.

I (mostly) jest of course, but that is at the core of “Microglomerate” when I threw the phrase out to describe Brick Cave Media all those years ago in a bit of a self effacing promotional.

That being said, this site is a bit of a side journey for me- I am busy with myriad of projects, including Brick Cave, Proxima Emporium and Anthology, inc. among others, but I wanted to start a place to put some of the lessons, and links, I have learned over time for both myself, and others to share..

This is a breathing site, meaning it will be small at first, but hopefully grow over time. You can even contribute your own story right here through the blog.

So join us, sign up for the email list on the home page to receive an email when new content it posted, send us your entrepreneur story, and suggest a couple resources that have helped you out for the next person to benefit from.

- Bob