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Interesting story.

   My name is Bob.

   Microglomerate was a coined term that I used to describe Brick Cave Media, a publishing company I started in 2006. I used it as a way to describe that we were a small media company emulating much larger ones in service offerings.

   In 2011, someone decided to submit it to Wictionary (details here), and they didn't get far. Ironically, in 2018, I thought to see if the domain was available and so here we are. I decided to turn the site into a entrepreneur hub of sorts, and collect various things that I've found over the years and maybe save someone else some time in finding them.

This is a directory of sorts, various RSS Feeds, and links to small, independent media companies that I find in my journeys. Feel free to browse around, check out a feed and see if there is something useful here.

Microglomerate is now a property of Proxima Emporium LLC, an author and small press promotional effort based in Mesa, AZ.


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